Condo Profiles


121 McMahon Dr

Tango 2

72 Esther Shiner Blvd

80 Antibes Dr

80 Antibes Dr

10 Parkway Forest Dr

10 Parkway Forest Dr

5 Old Sheppard Ave

5 Old Sheppard Ave

135 Antibes Dr

135 Antibes Dr

115 Antibes Dr

115 Antibes Dr

The Monarchy 

205 Hilda Ave

The Courtlands 

1201 Steeles Ave W

The Courtlands II 

90 Fisherville Rd

Sovereign Court

1111 Steeles Ave W

Skymark II

1555 Finch Ave E

NY Place

17 Kenaston Gdns

High Point

3300 Don Mills Rd


175 Hilda Ave


33 Singer Crt


29 Singer Crt


19 Singer Crt


15 Singer Crt

Crestview Place

350 Seneca Hill Dr

Crestview Place 

260 Seneca Hill Dr

Crestview Place

177 Linus Rd

Carrington Tower

10 Tangreen Crt

Merci Condos

27 Rean Dr

Pulse II 

5508 Yonge St

St. Gabriel Terraces 

650 Sheppard Ave E


5500 Yonge St

St. Gabriel Village 

662 Sheppard Ave E

St. Gabriel Village 

660 Sheppard Ave E

Meridian II 

25 Greenview Ave

Dia Condominiums 

30 Canterbury Pl

The Continental 

509 Beecroft Rd


15 Greenview Ave


12 Rean Dr

Rockefeller on Bayview

18 Kenaston Gardens

Kenaston Gardens

17 Barberry Pl

The Majestic II

18 Parkview Ave

The Chelsea

19 Barberry Pl


7 Lorraine Dr

Primrose Towers III

1131 Steeles Ave W

Primrose Towers II

1121 Steeles Ave W

Place Nouveau II

5765 Yonge St

The Savoy

10 Torresdale Ave

Primrose Towers I

1101 Steeles Ave W

Turnberry Court

5795 Yonge St

Place Nouveau I

5785 Yonge St

Dynasty Tower

5460 Yonge St


5444 Yonge St

Hemisphere II

131 Torresdale Ave

The Hemisphere Condominiums

133 Torresdale Ave

The Atrium

33 Elmhurst Ave


55 Skymark Dr

Symphony Square

23 Lorraine Dr

Sommerset at Northtown

18 Sommerset Way

The Excellence

89 Skymark Dr

Royal Arms

5418 Yonge St

The Paramount

39 Pemberton Ave

The Plaza

29 Pemberton Ave

Park Palace III

28 Pemberton Ave

Park Palace II

18 Pemberton Ave

70 Old Sheppard Ave

70 Old Sheppard Ave

Park Lane II

3 Pemberton Ave

Park Lane I

1 Pemberton Ave

Park Palace

8 Pemberton Ave

Watergarden Condos

1 Watergarden Way

Chicago Residences

35 Finch Ave E


2885 Bayview Ave


10 Muirhead Rd

Crossroads II

1900 Sheppard Ave E

20 Forest Manor Rd Condos

20 Forest Manor Rd

Ultra at Heron’s Hill

2015 Sheppard Ave E

The Elegance

65 Skymark Dr


85 Skymark Dr

Willow Park at Bayview

17 Ruddington Dr

Palace Gate

3181 Bayview Ave


5791 Yonge St

Luxe II

5793 Yonge St

Antibes Court

100 Antibes Dr

777 Steeles Ave W

777 Steeles Ave W

Bayview Mansions

2 Clairtrell Rd

Bayview Manor

15 and 23 Rean Dr


10-20 Bloorview Place

Ultima at Broadway

4968 Yonge St

Atrium II

65 Spring Garden Ave

Platinum Towers XO

18 Spring Garden Ave

Hullmark Centre II

5 Sheppard Ave E

Princess Place II

28 Olive Ave

Princess Place I

26 Olive Ave

Princess Place III

22 Olive Ave

Princess Place

20 Olive Ave


5 Northtown Way

Triomphe – East Tower

15 Northtown Way

Pavilion Del Sol

5 Kenneth Ave

The Pavilion

10 Kenneth Ave

Hollywood Plaza II

28 Hollywood Ave


23 Hollywood Ave

Hollywood Plaza

18 Hollywood Ave

The Pinnacle

8 Hillcrest Ave

Empress Plaza II

18 Hillcrest Ave

The Mansions of Avondale

55 Harrison Garden Blvd

The Mansions of Avondale

51 Harrison Garden Blvd

Spectrum Condos

28 Harrison Garden Blvd

Aristo at Avonshire

120 Harrison Garden Blvd


100 Harrison Garden Blvd

Rodeo Walk

30 Greenfield Ave

Parkside at Northtown III

880 Grandview Way

Grandview at Northtown

88 Grandview Way

Bayview Place

30 Fashion Roseway

Bayview Place

20 Fashion Roseway

Bayview Place

10 Fashion Roseway

Empress Plaza

35 Empress Ave

Royal Pinnacle

33 Empress Ave

The Majestic

28 Empress Ave

The Imperial II

260 Doris Ave

The Imperial I

256 Doris Ave


238 Doris Ave

Bayview Mansions II

1 Clairtrell Rd

Jade Condos

399 Spring Garden Ave

Bravo Boutique Condos

26 Norton Ave

Grand Triomphe

10 Northtown Way

One Hycrest Ave

1 Hycrest Ave


35 Hollywood Ave

21 Hillcrest

21 Hillcrest Ave

Grande Triomphe II

500 Doris Ave

The Boulevard

188 Doris Ave

Skymark Condominiums

80 Harrison Garden Blvd

Skymark at Avondale

78 Harrison Garden Blvd

Mona Lisa Residences

21-31 Olive Ave

Ei8hty8 Condos

88 Sheppard Ave E

Minto Gardens

33 Sheppard Ave E

The Monet

60 Byng Ave


28 Byng Ave

C Condos

503 Beecroft Rd

Celsius Condos

351 Beecroft Rd

Penninsula Place

233 Beecroft Rd

Manhattan Place

131 Beecroft Rd

Broadway II Residences

155 Beecroft Rd

The Broadway

153 Beecroft Rd

Residences of Avondale

1 Avondale Ave, Toronto

Cosmo Residences

35 Bales Ave, Toronto

Cosmo Two

31 Bales Ave, Toronto

Flo Condos

28 Avondale Ave, Toronto

Hullmark Centre

2 Anndale Dr, Toronto


19 Anndale Dr, Toronto


17 Anndale Dr, Toronto

The Residence of Avondale

18 Harrison Garden Blvd, Toronto

The Residence of Avondale

16 Harrison Garden Blvd, Toronto

Spring at Minto Gardens

23 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto

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